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Rugline RT62H 6″ Windows 10 PDA Barcode Scanner w/Bluetooth Pistol Grip

These devices are really worth ~$600 when they work properly compared to other similar products on the market that sell for 2-3 times the price. With this being said you’d hope they come working out-of-the-box perfectly fine. However this wasn’t the case. Below are all the issues I ran into mine upon arrival and fixes. All the files and installers were obtained by my vendor who I purchased from on I take no credit for them, just helping out others in similar situations.


Rattling noise

I noticed a rattling like noise when I handling it so I dissembled it. I immediately noticed that the scanner module was in fact “loose”. Although I tried to tighten the screws (closest to “H1”) they did not tightened. They must have either a) stripped the threads on the module b) used the wrong size of pitch and/or diameter screws. I believe it to be b. I was able to remove one of the screws to exam it, it seemed fine but I didn’t have any screws that small and long to replace it with. To avoid threading out the module had I choose to scavenge some screws I decided to use some of the boots that originally were placed onto the screw posts for the second half of the body in between the module and the mainboard as shown below. It seemed to work so I was fine with the results.


Barcode Module

No data was inputted upon reading barcodes. Initially I thought the data ribbon belonging to the barcode module wasn’t connected to the mainboard. I was wrong, it was. They barcode module, which surprisingly is a genuine Honeywell branded module, they chose was a RS232 based, so it appears on Windows as a COM port. The manufactures got around this by creating a piece of software called “COM2HID” which acts as a bridge listening on the specified COM port (COM4#9600bps) and outputting the data into standard input. Download the following rar file and extract it onto the C: drive. If you extract it onto the desktop then it must remain there as the installer creates links telling Windows to start the COM2HID as a service. After installing, open up the settings by right clicking on tray icon and setting SerialPort to COM4.

Here are the basic steps

  1. Download COM2HID_v1.0.6.1_withService
  2. Extract it to C:\
  3. Right click on Install.bat and choose Run as administrator
  4. Press any key when prompted
  5. Open the Settings dialog box titled COM2HID
  6. Set it to the following:


Bluetooth pistol

The bluetooth pistol grip wasn’t activating after the fact that it was paired via bluetooth to the PDA. The issue was very similar to the barcode module, it was missing a piece of software that acts like a”bridge” listening on incoming data on COM1 triggered by the trigger itself on the pistol.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Download Setup_V1.1.5.0.rar
  2. Extract it to C:\
  3. Right click on Install.bat and choose Run as administrator
  4. Press any key when prompted
  5. Open the Settings dialog box titled BLEHandleCOM2HID
  6. Set it to the following:



Pair Bluetooth Pistol Grip

Basic steps include:

  1. Right click on Bluetooth logo inside the taskbar tray
  2. Click on the “+ Add Bluetooth or other device”
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Depress trigger on the pistol and turn it on until it starts to blink rapidly
  5. In the “Add a device” window choose “BLE_Handle”

Original document outlining just about everything above: Pistol grip operation instruction_2017.11.01.docx

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